Frequently asked questions

Questions about Lady-Comp

Are there any measuring errors?

No, measuring errors are not possible because the computer monitors the measuring process. This means that it notices when the value deviates from expectations and signals this with a flashing display. However, it is important to not give your computer consecutive days of "false" measurements. If you have not been able to get enough sleep, are taking certain medications, or you are running a fever, it is best to skip your temperature reading and allow the computer to calculate your fertility based on other known data.

How does the device handle time shifts when you are travelling?

Very well. You can simply reset the clock to the local time of your destination and continue to measure as usual. Carrying the device with you on air travels also does not involve a problem, whether you have it in your suitcase or in your hand luggage.

A very sleepless night or the consumption of alcohol can influence the readings. Can I rely on the device anyway?

Yes. If your reading is influenced by a bad night or by drinking large amounts of alcohol (omitting a reading once in a while isn't a problem), this doesn't mean that the indicator becomes unreliable. Depending on the phase of your cycle, Lady-Comp will react accordingly. Either the reading will be recognized and ignored as an exception, or the device will show a yellow or red light on the next day to be on the safe side.

How does the cycle computer program work?

Our computers are programmed to precisely detect and display ovulation in the woman's cycle based on a morning temperature reading. The basic knowledge of their program includes the evaluation of hundreds of thousands of cycles of x- thousand women.

Does LadyComp Baby indicate pregnancy - and if so, how?

Yes, pregnancy is displayed in three levels: As early as 4 days after ovulation a possible pregnancy is indicated, after 15 days a probable pregnancy is indicated. After 18 days post ovulation, Lady-Comp Baby is able to confirm pregnancy. This early knowledge is very valuable from a medical point of view, because you can immediately dispense with alcohol, medication or cigarettes.

We'd like to have a child, but it just won't work. How can Lady-Comp Baby help?

Quite simply, it answers the questions that arise when planning a child. It provides detailed information about your ovulation, your menstrual cycle and your hormone balance (CLI = sub-function of the corpus luteum). You can call up this information on the display at any time or print it out and discuss it with your doctor.

Can I sleep late on weekends?

Of course, of course! You have a margin of six hours (-3/+3) to measure your waking temperature. The sensor symbol indicates whether you are in the measurement period. When it lights up, press the button and measure your body temperature. Afterwards, simply turn back to the other side. You can change this time window by resetting your alarm for a later time before going to bed the night before.

When can I get pregnant?

On average, a woman can become pregnant on six days per cycle, five days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation.

Can I continue to use the non-hormonal IUD?

The non-hormonal IUD prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg in the mucous membrane of the uterus. Because the IUD is a foreign object inside the body, it causes the production of white blood cells - similar to inflammation. These small centers of inflammation in the uterus, which are normally not detected at all, can change the waking temperature. In order to obtain precise measurement results, it is therefore advisable to remove the spiral - and only then use a cycle computer.

I'm on the pill. How does the changeover to the cycle computer work?

Before using one of our cycle computers, you must stop taking the pill. As long as you are taking the pill, you will not have a normal cycle because the pill will stop the body's own hormone production. The bleeding that you experience every 28 days while taking the pill is only due to the dosage of these medications. The seven-day break gives you the feeling of having a normal cycle. But she has nothing to do with your normal menstruation. Therefore, you will not ovulate while taking the pill. This, however, is the reason for the temperature increase measured by the cycle computer. In other words, if you continue to take the pill, the computer will not be able to calculate your cycle.