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pearly-en.png Today, there are countless contraception methods on the market, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Lady-Comp is not a form of contraception. Lady-Comp provides you with the necessary information to know when a barrier method of contraception or abstinence is needed in order to avoid pregnancy.

Lady-Comp is a fertility computer that makes predicting your fertile days super easy. All you need to do is take your basal body temperature every morning when you wake up, confirm days of menstruation, and then you are ready to go! Lady-Comp handles the rest. Women are only fertile 6 days out of every cycle. So why take hormonal birth control for the entire month?


Simply follow Lady-Comp’s color system

If Lady-Comp shows you a green light, it means that you are not fertile, and you can enjoy moments with your partner completely carefree.

When the fertility computer shows you a red light, you are in your fertile time and must abstain or use a barrier method of contraception-- condoms, a diaphragm, or a sponge to avoid pregnancy.

Lady-Comp allows your body to function in its natural state, without any hormones interfering with its unique rhythm.


Helpful Tips

Better every time

You should take your waking temperature as regularly as possible because the more information the computer collects, the easier it is to narrow down the number of fertile (red) days. The computer is safe from the first measurement on. The more consistent you are in taking your temperature each day, the more the computer knows about you, and the more confident the device will become in analyzing your unique cycle data in conjunction with statistical data.

The fertile days will be determined with more and more precision with every cycle. If Lady-Comp is unable to assess your cycle with complete reliability due to missed readings, missed menstruation entries, highly fluctuating temperature values, etc., it will display more fertile (red or yellow) days as it remains cautious.

You know your body better than anyone else.  If you are concerned about your readings or fertility indicators, please use caution until speaking with one of our fertility experts.  We are always happy to discuss your unique situation with you.

USD 375.00

The handy fertility tracker with an accuracy of 99.3% shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.

The handy fertility tracker with an accuracy of 99.3% shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.

  • pearly®
  • 1 AAA batteries
  • USB cable (for data transfer)
  • instructions for use
  • 2 year warranty

Technical data:
Size: 7x9cm
Weight: 59g