About Us

Valley Electronics GmbH, based in Murnau, Germany, was founded in late 1986 by Dr. Hubertus Rechberg to built the basis for the Fertility Tracker Method and to develop the world's first cycle computer. Since 1987, the Baby-Comp and then Lady-Comp and Pearly have enabled women to monitor their menstrual cycle and have supported them in natural family planning. At the same time, a team of gynecologists, software specialists, electronics engineers and designers constantly work together to make Valley Electronics' products even better. Meanwhile, Natalie Rechberg-Egly, Hubertus' daughter, leads the company and advocates smart NFP, sexual self-determination and fertility awareness.

"We want to offer all women a natural and accurate way to promote fertility awareness so they can make empowered family planning decisions in natural harmony with their bodies." - Natalie Rechberg-Egly, CEO