Discover Lady-Comp

The new Lady-Comp

The best of both worlds: The new Lady-Comp, in a streamlined design, combines all the functions of its predecessors "Lady-Comp" and "Lady-Comp Baby" in one device. This makes it perfect not only for tracking your own cycle and distinguishing fertile from infertile days, but also for actively addressing family planning needs - naturally and with an independently tested accuracy. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, which is based on your own basal body temperature, 35 years of research, and the evaluated cycles of now more than 500,000 women, the Lady-Comp knows exactly in which cycle phase you are and shows you at a glance whether you are currently fertile or not - from the first measurement on! In addition, the new interface, which has been completely revised and optimized, provides insights into your personal cycle history as well as a menstruation forecast for the next six months. The operation is totally intuitive, which at the same time allows a relaxed introduction to fertility tracking.

Lady-Comp is thus the first gadget to incorporate all the functions of Valley Electronics and their findings of the last 35 years. It is the star among fertility trackers, an expert in fertility tracking and the personal companion on your TTC journey. After all, the desire to have a child is a complex issue and Lady-Comp offers you the perspective to get pregnant without stress and guesswork.

Why a fertility tracker like Lady-Comp is the perfect companion for every woman

The Lady-Comp is based on the methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and, as a reliable lifestyle fertility tracker, calculates the fertile and infertile phases of a woman's cycle on the basis of an effective, accurate and very sensitive computer-assisted basal body temperature measurement immediately after waking.

The temperature sensor integrated in the Lady-Comp allows particularly accurate measurements. This distinguishes Lady-Comp from analog NFP methods, where a separate basal thermometer is required, and it is up to the user to decide which thermometer to use, without a guarantee that the thermometer used meets the necessary standards. As a result, there are possible measurement inaccuracies and rounding errors from the thermometer itself or when manually inputting the data to the app. These types of errors can lead to an unintended pregnancy or even the failure of a hoped-for pregnancy.

Through a self-learning algorithm based on scientific research, 10 million cycles of experience from now more than 500,000 users and sophisticated technology, Valley Electronics products offer the highest quality, accuracy, and reliability for cycle monitoring. Additionally, the algorithm can tolerate the occasional outlier readings that may be due to stress, alcohol consumption, or lack of sleep. 

 Studies supported by Valley Electronics since 1992 show that the learning algorithm distinguishes fertile from infertile phases with accuracy.
You can start using your Lady-Comp at any time. After only 60 seconds in the morning, you know your daily fertility status while remaining 100% natural. With your Lady-Comp, all you have to do is: Wake up. Measure. Done! 

You can rely on Lady-Comp - always

Lady-Comp's self-learning algorithm is accurate in identifying your unique fertile window. This accuracy is the result of over 35 years of research conducted by a team of gynecologists, fertility experts, software specialists, and engineers who have analyzed data from more than 5 million female cycles. The result is an algorithm that adapts to each individual and that you can always rely on!

We are also committed to quality when it comes to service! Our VE support team is available to you with advice and their own wealth of experience to answer all your questions. You can request a free cycle analysis from us as needed. Just send us your data - we will create a free cycle analysis for you and review any questions you may have.

The benefits of Lady-Comp at a glance

  • All Valley Electronics products are 100% hormone-free - that means there are no side effects whatsoever.
  • Easy handling and use: Wake up, measure, go!
  • Lady-Comp supports self-determined health care and imparts valuable knowledge about one's own body.
  • No more manual menstrual cycle curves and diagrams: Lady-Comp does the work for you and shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.
  • Precise forecasts ensure that you can plan ahead - especially if you want to conceive.
  • At the push of a button, you receive a wide range of information about your cycle, such as fertility history, cycle statistics, menstruation forecasts and much more.
  • As early as 15 days post ovulation, Lady-Comp shows you a possible pregnancy - including conception date, birth date and gestational week.
  • Hormone deficiencies such as corpus luteum insufficiency (CLI) or monophasic cycles can be detected.
  • Planning hits are documented ( = number of sexual intercourse entries that match the predicted ovulation and highly fertile days).

Are you ready for a simple and all natural way of family planning without tedious charting and analysis? Let yourself be convinced by Lady-Comp and the reliable, quickly detectable display of your fertile and infertile days.

Lady-Comp supports you in gaining a high degree of sovereignty in understanding your monthly changes and an increased knowledge of the processes of your body.

The computer evaluates the data and recognizes your individual cycle pattern within seconds. It can then reliably distinguish the fertile (red display) from the infertile (green display) days and shows you an accurate fertility indicator.