- natural family planning made easy!

The intelligent fertility tracker with a accuracy of 99.3% shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.

LADY-COMP® is our pride and joy: with its unbeatable 99.3% accuracy algorithm and ease of use, you have everything you need for natural family planning in one device! 

The handy cycle tracker shows you at a glance whether you are fertile or not - with an accuracy of 99.3% from the first day! Thanks to the sophisticated software, you also get a comprehensive insight into your cycle including a menstrual forecast for the next 6 months.

If you use LADY-COMP® for family planning, you can also personalize the device, for example by entering text, determining your BMI or selecting the alarm tone.



All important functions and key data of LADY-COMP®:

  • Daily fertility status (fertile/infertile)
  • Measured value and cycle day
  • Ovulation forecast
  • Fertility retrospective for 180 days
  • Fertility forecast for 6 days
  • Fertility trend over the last months
  • 6 months menstruation forecast
  • Average cycle length
  • Temperature increase / high temperature stage
  • Average length of high temperature stage
  • Ovulation spread in days
  • Number of mono-phase cycles
  • Personal inputs
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Indication of probable pregnancy after 15 days
  • Confirmation of pregnancy normally after 18 days
  • Alarm
  • Data transfer via USB cable
  • Optional upgrade to LADY-COMP® baby



How LADY-COMP® works

Our ingenious LADY-COMP® cycle tracker offers a range of functions that enable you to approach natural family planning in a self-determined and safe manner. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge about your cycle, you always know everything about your cycle. LADY-COMP® also gives you an exact overview of your fertility over the last 180 days and the next 6 days. A menstruation prognosis is even possible for the following 6 months. In addition, LADY-COMP® shows you the number of monophase cycles, the average length of high temperature stage and of course your ovulation.

More than 30 years of intensive medical research and technological development have gone into this small device, which has a diameter of just 9 cm and brings concentrated know-how with it! Because oft hat LADY-COMP® has become one of the best-selling cycle tracker, trusted by tens of thousands of women all over the world. All that is needed for a precise indication of your daily fertility and other aspects in connection with your cycle is a morning measurement of your basal temperature (your body temperature before getting up).

With the alarm function, your personal LADY-COMP® cycle tracker reminds you of morning measurement. Daily measurement is important, because LADY-COMP® gets to know your individual cycle exactly on the basis of your regularly entered master data. The more knowledge LADY-COMP® collects about it, the better the algorithm-based fertility tracker can limit the red (= fertile) days. Accordingly, with time the green (= infertile) days become more.



Natural family planning - sustainable, reliable and without side effects

Our proven LADY-COMP® cycle tracker works on the basis of more than 5 million cycle data and an algorithm that incorporates findings from decades of medical research and the latest technology. The special feature of LADY-COMP® is that the cycle tracker gets to know your own cycle scheme and adapts to irregularities and cycle lengths. With an accuracy of 99.3%, which has been confirmed in various clinical tests, LADY-COMP® is a unique and sustainable purchase - without follow-up costs and above all without side effects! Discover the variety of cycle analysis with LADY-COMP®: from an overview of your cycle course, the precise indication of your fertile and infertile days to evaluations and upgrades to LADY-COMP® baby - LADY-COMP® makes it possible! Experience your body naturally and get to know your cycle better!

LADY-COMP® is immediately ready for use without additional components, has a 2-year warranty and is available here in the LADY-COMP® shop.



Morning Measurement with LADY-COMP®- that´s how it works:

  1. Measure your body temperature under your tongue after waking up and before getting up!
  2. Enter if you have your menstruation!
  3. LADY-COMP® takes care of the rest: After the input LADY-COMP® evaluates your data and shows you whether you are fertile or not within the next 24 hours.

In this way you can consciously decide for a relaxed love life and - if you have no sexually transmitted diseases to fear and do not want to become pregnant - have sex on the infertile days without having to worry about barrier methods.

If you're planning on getting pregnant, LADY-COMP® is the right remedy for you: a red display means that you are fertile; on yellow days you are potentially fertile. The great thing is that you can upgrade LADY-COMP® to LADY-COMP® baby to get detailed information such as the number of CLI (corpus luteum hypofunction) cycles. Find out when the chances of getting pregnant are greatest!

Whether pregnancy planning or the pure pleasure of natural, carefree sex - LADY-COMP® makes it easier for you to develop an awareness for your body and your cycle. Discover and live your femininity in a natural way!

Get to know your cycle, your body and the great freedom that LADY-COMP® gives you - with natural cycle control powered by LADY-COMP®!

LADY-COMP® cycle computers are products that have been developed and manufactured in Germany since 1986. Their safety has been repeatedly proven in recognised clinical studies. LADY-COMP® and pearly® are currently marketed in 35 countries and successfully used by millions of women. Get to know the great freedom just right now - powered by LADY-COMP®.


USD 445.00

The intelligent fertility tracker with a accuracy of 99.3% shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.

The intelligent fertility tracker with a accuracy of 99.3% shows you exactly when you are fertile and when not.

  • 2 AAA batteries
  • USB cable (for data transfer)
  • travel case
  • instructions for use
  • 2 year warranty

Technical data:
Size: 9cm diameter
Weight: 130g